Exercise does amazing things to the body to improve our health, it also does amazing things to the mental aspect of our health. Many people exercise because of how it makes them feel after they’ve finished. A sense of achievement. Here’s 5 benefits of exercise on mental health.


Exercise in general and physical activity can boost your mood in so many ways. When you exercise in the morning for some people it wakes up the body, stimulates the mind & gets you going before you’ve began work. It gives you energy to have an upbeat mood being happier to do tasks and ready to take on challenges. So maybe try trainer earlier in the day to see if you have more energy throughout the day.

2. Endorphin Rush

Researchers have found that physical activity increases the bodies production of endorphins. When the exercise starts to get intense enough it can act as a pain killer during the tough parts of a session (even feels good sometimes).  When you’ve completed the workout you have that satisfied feeling which gives you a positive perspective. You can get it if you do a light workout but you get the feeling more if the intensity is higher.

Tiina Saanijoki, of the Turku PET Centre at the University of Turku in Finland. Has a study shown on this. Bring on the endorphins!

3. Battles depression and brings peace to the mind

When you begin training and build a plan it starts to become habit and part of your routine. Being in that state of mind without thinking about what you’re going to be doing before work or after you already know its planned & the mind starts to do things without even thinking about it.

When you’re performing an exercise you meditate of the muscle, this is when you’re thinking about the contractions in the muscle being worked on. During workouts your start to only focus on the work out in front of you taking your mind of other stresses and worries.

4. Engaging and Socialise with others

As we’ve talked about the endorphins you feel after a workout is when the good feelings start to arrive. You have more energy and better feelings around others making you want to be more social. You go see family more often, go meet up with friends & social events seem fun again!

Even going to the gym you see other people like yourself training making you want to engage in more conversations. If you have a PT you’re training with someone whilst socialising, a win win!

5. Start to feel good about yourself again!

Training makes you feel and look good about yourself. When you exercise regularly you start to be more intone with your body. When you start to see results whether it is losing weight, getting stronger or even running a faster mile it makes you feel invincible!

Theres just something about getting through a gruelling workout that gives you that sense of achievement that you can’t quite get anywhere else.



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