We provide a tailored personal training experience in a positive private studio atmosphere. We take an individualized approach to your workout and nutrition plan, shaped by your goals, lifestyle, and ability.

Our structured approach ensures you will achieve your desired goals, whether this be a body transformation or a more long term lifestyle improvement. AC’s team will ensure sustainable results.

Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Central, making it easy to work into your routine.


Team of
Personal Trainers

ATHLETIC CLUB provides the most experienced and internationally qualified trainers in Hong Kong.

Founder & Director

Ivan Corsi

Strength & Conditioning Coach / Partner

Lex Kaleca

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jack Cullen

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Rhys Jones

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Rhiann Sherriff

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Faiq Khan



Your training plan will be created according to your specific goals and needs, with every workout being tracked to ensure progress. Your workout also adjusts based on your progress to maximise each session.



We provide meal plans tailored to your desired goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or managing a health condition. We support you with long-term guidance and education around food and lifestyle.



At ATHLETIC CLUB your wellbeing is just as important as being physically fit. Our studio is an engaging and supportive environment. We look forward to welcoming you.

Reviews from you

Rory has not only kept me working out throughout gym kickdown but has actually improved my fitness and strength ten fold. He adapts to each client to motivate them through every workout and I have seen major changes to myself, mentally as well as physically. Ten out of five stars!


Athletic club have been amazing at pushing me to improve both physically and mentally. My trainer, Rory, constantly incorporates new movements to target the areas I really want to focus on. I’ve noticed a massive difference in my strength and physique, but more importantly, my mindset about fitness.


I love my PT sessions with Athletic Club! My trainer Rory D creates a really positive and motivational training environment...even after a long day at work! I feel I’ve made some big improvements in strength, fitness and lost some lockdown weight. The sessions are tough (he works you hard), but you feel great afterwards!! :-


Amazing place to work out!!. Honestly I wasn't sure PT was for me and definitely not strength training and conditioning - how wrong I was. After my first session I bought a package and haven't looked back since. All the trainers at the club are professional, experienced and really take the time to understand your form and technique before pushing you (in a good way). Super friendly, not intimidating and great facilities, v central location and not overly crowded. Lex is my trainer and I couldn't recommend him highly enough, so friendly, watchful as you train and the hour whizzes past in no time. If you are thinking about PT come and try it out here - you wont regret it!


Athletic Club is an awesome gym with amazing trainers and atmopshere. I was a little nervous when I first started six months ago as I’ve never been the ‘gym type’, but Lex helped to put me at ease, building my confidence and designing a bespoke training programme tailored to my goals. I’ve seen clear and continued progress in my form, strength and overall fitness and I couldn’t have done this without Lex’s expertise. The gym is in a great location, close to Central, and has high quality equipment. Importantly, as it’s a personal training gym, the place is never too crowded and there is never any wait for a equipment.


Hands down the best PT experience I’ve had in Hong Kong. Currently on week 4 with Lex and down 2.5kg body fat. Highly attentive, ultra focused on form, progress and sustainable diet planning. And all in a top quality and spotless gym. Very pleased with progress so far.


I have been training with Ivan for over 3 years, and hope to continue training with him for years to come. Athletic Club is a great gym - it’s personal, friendly and is focused on getting real long term results, and is a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to avoid the big commercial gyms.


A great training club led by an excellent head trainer. Ivan and his team work with all types of athletes - from those getting back into it to those with busy travel schedules to those who play professional sports. It’s always challenging but fun. And they listen and understand your body. Most importantly it’s not about fads but results through effort.


Staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The vibe is motivating and positive. Impressive! Super unique experience. It was the best personal trainer gym I have ever been at. A lot of talented personal trainer. The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The vibe is motivating and positive. Impressive!


I feel the strongest I’ve ever been; working out at ATHLETIC CLUB is an essential part of my day - both for my physical and mental health


Download our free fitness guide for Financial Professionals

At Athletic Club, a lot of our community asked for more tips that they use and share within the careers as financial professional. This guide will have four tips to get your started on your journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.



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