Body Toning

Running is a great way to improve your heart health but strength training will improve your stamina, improve muscle toning and make you look good; it is always  great to see some muscle definition.

Improve Confidence

Want to be able to lift your kids or pick up your luggage when arriving at your sunny destination without injuring yourself? Strength training is the answer – it will make you feel better about yourself and faster to notice improvements than cardio will. Others will notice your results faster than you expected.

Maintain your bones and joints healthy

Weight training is by far the most efficient way to prevent osteoporosis. Females who lift weights will avoid joint pain, bone loss and lower back issues.

Lower your chances of injuries

If performed correctly, strength training will help you lower the chances of injury every time you exercise whether in the gym, hike or just by lifting your children. By having stronger muscles and joints the chances of injury exponentially decreases.

Reduce Anxiety

It has been scientifically proven that exercising and lifting weights is one of the best ways to improve your mood and reduce anxiety. You will notice you will be more productive and shaper at work. Next time when you question whether you should exercise you should think how amazing you will feel after.

What if I get bulky?

We optimise your training specifically to avoid your body shape from getting bulky. We ensure with our training techniques your body will become toned.

“I can’t believe I’ve gotten so much stronger while still fitting into all my clothes perfectly”
– Janine Porter (Training with AC for 3 years)

It will do amazing things to your body – from improving your confidence to stronger bones and muscles it will improve your overall quality of life.



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