Rhys Owen Jones is a passionate Welshman who was born and bred in North Wales. After finishing secondary school, Rhys became increasingly interested in training modalities for the various sports he played so he could improve physically on and off the pitch.

Rhys later moved to the South of Wales where he studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Massage. He strongly believes that studying these 3 respective subjects in union allowed him to mould a more holistic, science-based approach to training, which he applies to achieve pain-free foundational movement patterns with his clients.

Rhys grew up playing football from a very young age, alongside other sports, but then made the switch to rugby where he later went to represent various 15’s & 7’s teams throughout Wales, including playing for Cardiff Metropolitan University 1stXV, whilst also making an appearance on the Super Sevens Series.

As a Personal Trainer, he has a sound understanding of human biomechanics and through 5+ years of coaching clients & athletes, he has learnt and implemented different training modalities to achieve goals based on his clients’ needs. After deciding on relevant and realistic goals – Rhys Owen Jones believes that by implementing proper programming, creating & maintaining sound nutritional habits and most importantly enjoying the process – anyone can live a balanced lifestyle and also achieve their goals.

Rhys is very passionate about helping his clients and is very aware of the problems that may occur along the way. Having struggled with injuries in the past, Rhys knows how it feels to become demotivated & gain weight. Having gone through these experiences he strongly believes that there are ups and downs in every journey which is why it is crucial to building strong foundational habits for success.

Improving ones physical health is consistently proven in research to be fundamental for good mental health and wellbeing. Rhys firmly believes that it can be a pretty big contributing factor for a lot of people who are inactive and may be dealing with some mental health issues. Being more active and maintaining a diet that is controlled, purposely yet also flexible can give somebody more structure whilst also allowing for that room to still enjoy foods and eat out.

Training & nutrition should be based primarily upon specificity which is why each training program and nutrition plan is designed by Rhys specifically for that client in order to ensure that you have the maximum potential to progress and achieve your goals.

Humour is at the forefront of Rhys’ personality. Although he strongly believes that there is a hard-working & focused mindset that should be developed and applied when it comes to training, it should also be fun & enjoyable. Focus, attention & detail are all fundamental aspects of Rhys’ training sessions but he also believes its important to make his clients laugh and smile amongst the “blood, sweat & tears”.

Certifications / Courses

– Bachelor of Science (Hons) Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Massage – Cardiff Metropolitan University

– Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training (The Training Room)
– BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Development Coaching & Fitness (Coleg Menai)
– FHEQ – Anatomy and Clinical Assessment
– FHEQ – Foundations in Strength and Conditioning
– FHEQ – Introduction to Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Practices

FHEQ – Foundations of Sport and Exercise Science
FHEQ – Strength and Conditioning Coaching
FHEQ – Injury Pathology and Rehabilitation
FHEQ – Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Practices
FHEQ – Multidisciplinary approaches to Sport and Health
FHEQ – Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Advanced Rehabilitation and Injury Management

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